Are you still living in a TDM world or have you already migrated to VoIP?

December 29, 2014

Many of our clients are considering or have already moved to a VoIP environment. Each vendor will typically come in and talk to you about the THOUSANDS of dollars you can save by moving to VoIP. In some cases, this can be true, but in others there are variables where the ROI is not favorable.

It is inevitable that if your current phone system does not support VoIP, your next one will. What does that mean? In some companies, the service is seamless and nothing but the box on the desk changes. In others, there is more room for seamless integration, upgraded services and improved efficiencies by making this change.

The first step is to understand your current services. Make sure you are partnering with a vendor who is willing to take the time to understand the core of your business. For example, you may gain insight into how this upgrade may help you integrate and automate your order process through screen pops or voice to data translation. Or, you may be able to assign each employee with a single phone number etc. These are the sort of advanced features that a VoIP phone system can support. The end user will never have to touch the hand set on their desk again if they prefer, because it is all integrated with their computer.

The other consideration is the services behind the phone system. Stick with analog POTS lines, move to PRI, or move to an actual VoIP provider? The answer is different for each company, depending on the need, cost, and features provided. We take our clients through the process step by step to make sure that any service move is investigated thoroughly and any change is as seamless as possible to the business. The last thing you want a service upgrade to do is disrupt normal business practices.For many of our clients we recommend a phased approach. This means the phone system is installed with the current network in place. Once the end user is comfortable with the features of the phone, then the network is installed and tested before any cutover. This helps eliminate too many projects going on at one time which make it difficult if there is a need to troubleshoot.

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