BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) - Benefits and Pitfalls

September 4, 2013

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – Benefits and Pitfalls

By CBI Telecommunications, Author: Vince Cobb

Benefits of BYOD:

The new wave of BYOD can be beneficial to drive productivity in the workplace. The cost savings alone may be significant when you calculate the work hours of maintaining, upgrading and securing the network. Many of our clients report higher employee satisfaction levels when staff can choose the device they carry for work. The time spent assisting with device changes, troubleshooting, and management of the services is also minimized in a BYOD environment. Not to mention the hard dollar Savings in Monthly fees and Equipment Cost.

  • Flexible Options and Solutions for Employees
  • Internal Order Processing / Help time should decrease
  • Employee culture – Freedom of choice
  • Less Corporate liability

Pitfalls of BYOD:

If ALL below items are not fully considered, beware of loss of control and cost.

  • Loss of Corporate Control and ability to fully regulate the device
  • Multiple Device types to support on the corporate network
  • Plans (pooling and feature plans will no longer be available)
  • Limited corporate support means more for the employee to manage.
  • Employee perception / morale depending on the corporate culture
  • Corporate may still have to pay for international roaming and or data charges if the individual is traveling on company business and doesn’t add the right plan or feature to their device
  • If an individual has credit issues, the vendor may not allow Employee to move to an individual liable account
  • Corporate will not own device or the device number
  • Can push policy down to Employee but will still have to enforce policy if there is a breach
  • There will still be time and resources dedicated to implement a stipend process and strategy
  • Added administrative cost / time for internal audit


There is no one single answer because every client has different needs. CBI’s BYOD analysis provides accurate information to give your organization direction while moving through the complex world of BYOD. If done correctly, it can be beneficial to the organization and the employee.


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