Our comprehensive library of data allows us to benchmark hundreds of rate plans by product and service type. Our experienced consultants use that data to ensure each client receives the best rates and service levels that each vendor has to offer. Our goal is for the client to have best in class service without paying a premium.

Our People + Process + Technology approach ensures your organization receives optimized outcomes with the least amount of resources. We are focused on creating a long-term relationship of trust and honesty, which is best for all involved.

Service Highlights

  • Identify vendor billing errors and obtain appropriate credits
  • Escalate and interface invoicing challenges which saves our clients' valuable time and money
  • Detect underutilization / overspending
  • Validate tax and tariff law changes, and explain how they affect your business
  • Provide a complete inventory for each location including service type, product, feature and associated charges
  • Distinguish every circuit / line and its purpose across the entire enterprise
  • Uncover suspicious charges or fraud
  • Pinpoint specific ways to reduce telecommunications costs across the entire enterprise
  • Compare to other "Best in Class" practices and policies of other like sized clients
  • Provide round table discussions and updates for our clients on a pro-active basis