services2-300x143.pngOur work within the field of energy auditing is becoming more common. We offer a broad spectrum of energy studies ranging from a quick walk-though of a facility to a comprehensive analysis, which includes analysis of alternative energy efficiency measures. By evaluating the equipment and systems within your facility that impact energy consumption, we can identify and prioritize energy-saving steps, that can save money for you for years to come.

Facility Audits Include:

  • Analysis of the building.
  • Collection of Utility Data which includes installed equipment and analysis of energy bills.
  • Survey of the Operating Conditions and the understanding of the building as it relates to weather, occupancy and operating schedules.
  • An Estimation of Energy Savings adjustments and the savings potential.

Business Benefits of an Energy Audit:

Creating an energy efficient and more environmentally friendly business can have a profound positive impact on our shared environment, but most business owners must also look at the pragmatic details of “greening” a business.

  • Cost Savings – the cost savings with running a cleaner, more energy efficient business is the most obvious benefit to becoming more energy efficient.
  • Employee Motivation – introduction of a green and energy efficient business can also have a dramatic effect on employees’ motivation and morale.
  • Customer Loyalty – a shift to a more energy efficient building generally fosters a sense of loyalty in its client base.
  • EPA Regulations – climate change is poised to dramatically affect all businesses across the world, creating at once, the largest change in business and the largest new marketing (for carbon) in a century. Sooner, rather than later, carbon emissions emanating from businesses will begin to be inventoried and then regulated as a pollutant. A recent U.S. Supreme court case confirmed that the U.S. EPA has such regulatory authority.