procurement-300x194.pngAnother pain point for many of our clients is the area of wireless device management/procurement. The task of developing and managing a policy, ordering new devices and fixing problems can be a full time job depending on the size of the organization. CBI has trained experts that seamlessly handle that task; allowing your organization to continue to focus on your core competencies. Our helpdesk makes it easy for clients to order, trouble shoot and replace devices in an efficient, effective manner. CBI has experience dealing with multiple vendors.

We guarantee that each order is placed correctly and that the end user receives their device on time. We also provide one-on-one customer service throughout the order and activation process.

Success Story

This client provides services for the commercial restaurant industry. Their technicians all have cell phones and when there is a problem or replacement cell phone needed it is critical that the problem is addressed. This became quite a pain point for their IT department due to the quantity of requests and issues. They engaged CBI to handle / outsource all cellular telephone orders and trouble issues. This allows their IT department to focus on other critical projects, knowing that their technicians are receiving the best service and support from industry specialists. One simple phone call or email to CBI and they know that their issues will be resolved.

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